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Special Issue:

Ingold, T. and Simonetti, C. Solid Fluids. Theory Culture & Society 29 (3) [link here]

Journal articles:

Ingold, T. and Simonetti, C. 'Introducing Solid Fluids'. Theory, Culture & Society 29(3): 3-29. [link here]

Simonetti, C. (2021). 'Viscosity in Matter, Life and Sociality'. Theory, Culture & Society 29(3): 111-130. [link here]

Clark, N., Engelmann, S., Gruppuso, P. Ingold, T., Krause, F., Lucas, G., Meulemans, G., Simonetti, C., Szerszynski, B. and Watts, L. 2021. 'A Solid Fluid Lexicon. Theory, Culture & Society 29(3): 111-130. [link here]

Simonetti, C. (2019). 'The Petrified Anthropocene'. Theory, Culture & Society 36(7-8): 45-66. [link here]

Simonetti, C. and T. Ingold (2018). ‘Ice and Concrete. Solid Fluids of Environmental Change’. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology. [link here] [PDF]

Harkness, R. Simonetti, C and Winter, J. (2015). ‘Liquid rock: Gathering, flattening, curing’. Parallax 21(3): 309-332. [link here] [PDF]

Book Chapters:

Harkness, R., Simonetti, C. and Winter, J. (2017). ‘Concretes speak’. In G. Mittman, R Emmett and M. Armiero (eds) Future Remains. A Cabinet of Curiosities for the Anthropocene. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. [link here]

Simonetti, C. (2017). ‘Limestone’. In R. Harkness (ed.) An Unfinished Compendium of Materials, pp. 92-95. Aberdeen: University of Aberdeen. [link here] [PDF]

Other Resources

Liquid Rock. Concrete Speak! 

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