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Anthropocene Cabinet of Curiosities

Cristián Simonetti, Rachel Harkness and Judith Winter have contributed to an 'Anthropocene Cabinet of Curiosities', as part of a larger exhibition, entitled 'Welcome to the Anthropocene: The Earth in Our Hands', organized by the Deutsches Museum, in collaboration with the Rachel Carlson Center, in Munich.

Emulating the traditional Cabinets of Curiosities of the 16th century, the exhibition, presented throughout 2015, gathers 15 iconic pieces of the Anthropocene.

Presented in the form of a test cube of 15cm3, and accompanied by a video showing its history and creation, the piece invites us to reflect on the impermanence of the material, its link with the building of modernity and the immensity of its contribution to global warming. Cement - the glue of concrete - is not only the second most used material in construction after water, but is responsible for between 5% and 10% of total carbon emissions, an impact that is practically unknown by the inhabitants of the urban world.

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